Mexican Tiles

A simple tile backsplash can change the way an entire room is viewed. It can not only serve to bring out and accentuate the existing colors in a room, but it can be used as the focal point of the entire room as well, drawing and focusing the attention of everyone in the space.

With this kind of effect, choosing the correct backsplash tiles for your kitchen or bathroom is an important job, and one these two Mexican tile ideas could be just be the simple, inexpensive, and great looking answer you’re looking for.

So What Are Mexican Tiles?

While Mexican tiles are made in Mexico, this style was heavily influenced by the conquistadors of Spain. From this fusion of both the local Mexican and the Spanish style of tile making, the beautiful Talavera Mexican tile was born.

These amazing tiles are individually handmade, and are known world-wide for their gorgeous hand painted designs and beautiful colors, typically consisting of any combination of deep rich blues, violets, oranges, blacks, greens, and yellows.

The great thing about these tiles is not only their beauty but also how cheap they are. Usually not costing more than $1-1.50 per tile, Mexican ceramic tiles are not only much better looking than normal ceramic tiles but much cheaper as well!

Mexican Tiles


A Mexican Tile Mural

So how can you use them for your backsplash? One great idea is using Mexican tile murals. Don’t worry I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t design my own mural, I’m not an artist, or even an interior decorator for that matter!” Ah, but the work is already done! Your only job is to pick out the one you like!

These murals usually come in kits of about 20 tiles, and when placed together form not only a lavish focal point for your kitchen or bathroom, but an eye-catching piece of art work that will have your guests asking who the artist was.

Mexican Tiles

With mural scenes ranging from depictions of daily Mexican life and landscapes to native wildlife, all depicted in the hand painted brush strokes, and beautiful bold colors of the native artists, you can’t help but be impressed. And because each tile in itself is an individual work of art, when combined they draw the eye to observe not only the intricate beauty of the entire mural as a whole, but to each hand painted tile as well!

A Mix And Match Mexican Tile Backsplash 

Another great idea is to make your own mix and match Mexican tile backsplash. This is a great idea for someone looking to accentuate the colors already in their space or just wanting to bring more color into the room. Just as with Mexican tile murals, Mexican tile designs and patterns depict a huge range of subjects.

Mexican Tiles

These typically portray animals, flowers, and intricate one of a kind designs. Mexican tiles come in kits that can range in number anywhere from 50 to 100 or even more. This is great news because you simply pick and choose the tiles with the designs you like and colors which match your space, leaving you with extra tiles in case of breakage or if you decide to make a new design in the future.

The best part is, no matter which combination of tiles you ultimately choose; your Mexican tile backsplash will be one-of-a-kind. This is because each individual tile which makes it up is literally a handmade and hand painted work of art.

Mexican Tiles

If you’re looking to install a new backsplash, don’t overlook using Mexican tile to do so. You will be not only impressed by the warmth of their colors but by their beauty as well! Whether you decide on a mix and match, or a Mexican tile mural backsplash, you’re sure to get many compliments from admiring guests, as well as enjoy the pleasure of owning and experiencing a backsplash that’s unique to only your home!

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