Linear Kitchen Tiles

Are you thinking about installing linear kitchen tiles? If you are, you’ll want to know these four shortcuts first. Not only are they simple but they’ll be sure to help you meet your goals while enhancing the look of your kitchen space.

Linear tiles are long and narrow. As you could guess by their name they are line-like in appearance and are more elongated than rectangular tiles. There are a number of different ways to use them so we’ve come up with the four easiest to help you get the best results.

Maximum Effect With Mosaics  

While linear tiles do come in medium and large sizes they are often available in what are known as mosaic tiles. These are usually made up of a mesh backing, to which many tiny-sized linear tiles are attached in order to make installing them as simple as possible.

Because each tiny tile is so narrow you can fit an enormous amount of them even in spaces that aren’t very big such as your kitchen backsplash. By using mosiacs all of these little tiles can add up to a big eye-catching display that brings your backsplash a ton of attention.

Linear Kitchen Tiles


Mix It Up

You can take advantage of just how magnetizing the linear mosaic tiles are to the eyes by choosing tiles that use multiple materials to make your space stand out even more. Stone, ceramic, glass, metal, porcelain, are some of the various options that are often used together.

Some tiles will include multiple shapes other than linear ones as well which can also add to the appeal of your backsplash or wall. And you can choose tiles that have various shades of the same color or a mixture of different colors to help match your kitchen and the feel you are trying to create.

Linear Kitchen Tiles

Go Neutral

A very popular shortcut to success, regardless of whether you go will full size or mosaic options, is to simply choose a neutral color. Because neutral colors go well with all color schemes it makes picking a color much simpler and less stressful.

For example grey linear tiles will look exceptional with all kitchen colors. In fact grey happens be the hottest color for this tile shape according to recent trends. And light grey tiles in particular are often used to create an stunning contrast with white cabinets or counters.

Use Patterns For Creating Space

Many kitchens are limited in size. And certain areas such as the backsplash, which is between your counter top and cabinets are restricted in space. The long shape of linear tiles by themselves can often help to make smaller areas seem larger than they really are.

Luckily they also can be used to create tile patterns such as the running bond and herringbone, which can trick the eye into thinking it is looking at a large spaces too. These layouts are popular for use with linear kitchen wall tiles on the backsplash but also on cramped kitchen walls as well.

Linear Kitchen Tiles

You may want to think about using them on narrow floor spaces. For instance either pattern could be installed on to surround a kitchen island in order to make the surrounding floor area seem wider.

With linear tiles kitchen spaces of all types can be revamped for surprising results. And by using these shortcuts you’ll make the process is as effortless and possible.

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