Finding tile that works with the style of your space doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, there are a handful of tile types which are famous for their ability to add a specific style or feel. So here are five to help get you started.

Sleek And Modern

When you need to create a modern looking space, tiles made from glass are always a top choice. They are usually sleek and smooth but can come in various textures if that’s what you need. Glass tile can also be used to add some serious color to a room.

Because they are translucent they can even give off a luminous glow of color that is very unique. Many modern rooms will specifically use glass subway tile on backsplashes in the running bond tile pattern.

Classic Never Gets Old

Not everyone, prefers a modern look, in fact a lot of consumers want something classic. Vintage tiles have antique patterns printed on them but give you the benefit of new tiles. These are often made from ceramic, porcelain, or concrete. Some are made to look older and will have scuffs and scratches. But of course you can always purchase real antiques as well.


A Taste Of Mexico

For a Mexican style home or space, Mexican tile is of course a natural choice. These are usually both handmade and hand-painted. They are famous for their deep rich colors and gorgeous designs and images. Mexican tile murals are also a choice if you’d like a larger image made up of many individual tiles.

Mediterranean Dreams And More

Usually a brownish red, Saltillo tile is handmade from clay. These actually come from Mexico as well so they can be used to create a Mexican theme. Many people like to use Mexican tile on the wall and Saltillos on the floor. They are pretty versatile and can be used in Southwestern and Spanish style spaces too. Saltillos are also one of the most popular tiles for Mediterranean patios and floors.

Back To Nature

While there are many different types of stone tiles you can use in your installation, when it comes to planning a space that really makes you feel as if you are in natural setting pebble tile is the clear winner. Each tile is made up of real pebbles that are attached to a mesh backing.

These can have either a level surface which is totally flat, or one that uses the full body of the pebbles for a totally natural texture and three dimensional look. Walking on these round pebbles can feel just like you are having a foot massage, which is a feature you won’t find with any other option.

Each of these tile types has been used successfully by many people to reach their design goals. They are all well-proven and will be sure to help you get the specific style you need with minimal effort required.

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