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Linear Tiles: Create Visual Interest And Space

Linear Tiles: Create Visual Interest And Space

Linear Tiles

The classic look of subway tile is always impressive. And their ever-constant popularity has made it very clear that the rectangular shape is extremely appealing to the eye. So it’s no wonder manufacturers have taken this trend to a new level with linear tiles.

Linear Basics

Just like their subway relatives linear tiles are made in the shape of a rectangle however they are typically thinner and sometimes longer. Most often you’ll find them sold in the form of mosaic tiles.Linear Tiles

Each individual mosaic tile is made up of a bunch of small linear tiles attached to a special backing that is usually made from mesh. These can look fabulous and because the linear tiles are already attached and spaced perfectly in a specific tile pattern it makes installation fairly simple.

However there are other size choices that are not mosaics as well. Bigger options may span from only slightly longer than standard subway tiles to around two feet in length. These will need to be installed individually of course. Unlike with most other types of tiles, linear installations will actually often feature tiles that are a mix of different lengths and widths together.

Linear Tiles



Patterns And Orientation

Linear tiles are sometimes installed in the running bond tile pattern, random off-set layouts, but also can be stacked so that each tile lines up perfectly lined up with all of the ones below it. While they are usually set so that their length is displayed horizontally they can look equally fantastic when installed vertically too.

Create Visual Interest

Since they are much narrower than other tiles you can use many more in the same amount of space. For this reason linear tile is used as a tool for creating visual interest. Tiles that are uniform in color can do this on their own but you can take things further if you’d like.

By using tiles of different sizes, colors, textures, and materials together you can easily get striking results that grab attention even in very small areas. Many mosaic tiles will actually include these different options all together in one tile. Installing tiles vertically can also be a big attention grabber.

Linear Tiles

Popular Areas And Ways To Use Them

In contrast to subway tiles which usually are used in areas where you’d like to portray a vintage feel, linear ones are generally used in spaces that that are contemporary or even modern in style. By using linear tiles kitchen and bathroom backsplashes can take full advantage of how well these tiles create interest in small spaces.

Linear bathroom tiles are also commonly used on shower walls, floors, and niches along with tub surrounds. Or you may want to use them to create a feature wall. They are sometimes used to decorate the walls of contemporary style bedrooms as well when you’d like a clean look.Linear Tiles

On fireplace surrounds they will be sure to create eye-catching drama. And on the floor linear tiles are often used to create the elegant herringbone pattern, although it is sometimes installed on the wall as well.

When made from certain materials such as porcelain, concrete, or vinyl their narrow shape allows them to mimic planks of wood. This wood look tile flooring is an extremely popular alternative to real wood since it not easily damaged and is simple to care for.

Linear Tiles


Help Out Other Tiles

Linear options also can work very well when used to help other tiles is in an installation look their best too. They are ideal for tile borders and framing sections of areas, specific tiles, or things like tile medallions.

And they make attention grabbing accents particularly when used in installations that have subway or large rectangular shaped tiles. This is a common way to use them particularly in showers both horizontally and vertically.

Linear Tiles


How To Use Linear Tiles To Create The Illusion Of Space

The shape of these tiles can be used to make spaces look bigger. Our eyes naturally follow the length of the lines created by them and are fooled into thinking that the area is larger than it really is.

For example if you wanted to make a very narrow wall space look wider using linear wall tiles installed horizontally would do the trick. Or you could install your tiles vertically to make the wall space and room itself appear higher. To get the full effect you may want to tile all the way to the ceiling.

Linear Tiles

The same approach would work on the floor. Linear floor tiles set horizontally will make a narrow floor space and room look wider. Alternatively by adding the tiles on the floor so that you are looking at their length as you walk in a room, it will seem deeper.

When used in the herringbone tile pattern linear tiles can also make wall and floor areas look much wider as well. This layout has the tiles set in “V” shaped formations. Since the eye focuses on the expanding shape of the “V” it thinks it is looking at a much wider space than it really is which can be a huge help in narrow hallways and bathrooms.

Linear Tiles


Popular Options

While they can be made from just about all typical tile materials there are a few options that consumers tend to prefer. Porcelain, glass, metal and stone are particularly popular. Using a combination of materials can add a lot of interest but also help you to create a more cohesive space.

Using glass tiles together with stones like marble, slate, and travertine is a popular combination. If you have stone countertops or floors you can use the stone to accent them without it being too much. Glass and metal is another favorite. The metal can be perfect for matching your metal fixtures.

Linear Tiles


For even more of a material contrast glass, stone, and metal are sometimes used all together. As for what color you choose really comes down to your preference and space. Grey linear tiles are neutral and will go well with most color schemes.

Brown linear tiles too will blend well with almost all colors and are often used with wooden cabinets and décor. White is another neutral option as well. Red, black, beige, and blue linear tiles are also highly sought after choices. And like mentioned earlier the more colors and shades you have the more attention your tiles will grab.

Linear Tiles

And there you have it, you now know more than enough to be extremely successful with whatever type of linear tiles you choose. The information, tips, and strategies you’ve just learned will help guide to completing your goals.

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Dance Floor Tiles – An Alternative Made For Convenience

Dance Floor Tiles – An Alternative Made For Convenience

Dance Floor Tiles

Dancing can be a ton of fun. However installing an actual dance floor is extremely expensive and is simply not an option for most people or locations. A much more convenient alternative for fitting your space and needs are dance floor tiles.

There are a few different types out there so we’ve come up a guide to help you quickly and easily decide which one will work best for you. Be sure to keep in mind how you will be using them, your space, budget, and even what type of dancing you’ll be doing for the best results.Dance Floor Tiles


Interlocking Dance Floor Tiles

These are without a doubt the most common type of tiles used to create dance floors since they have so many helpful features. They’re easy to install, simple to maintain, light yet durable and can even mimic the look other materials.

Interlocking dance floor tiles usually have a base made from a plastic such as Polypropylene and a top made from a material like vinyl. This makes them waterproof so that they have no problem with moisture, water, and other liquids like spilled drinks.

Their plastic bases are usually shaped so that they have channels underneath them for drainage. These channels also allow for air movement which prevents mold and mildew. Some dance floor tiles are even specifically designed to have spaces for wires to be run underneath them.Dance Floor Tiles

Popular Uses

Interlocking dance floor tiles are a favorite budget-friendly choice for creating temporary or even more permanent dance floors for all styles of dance from tap to ballroom, or just letting loose and having some fun. There really are endless ways and places you can use them.

Backyard events such as weddings and parties are popular uses but they also work very well in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels. Since they are portable dance floor tiles professional entertainment acts and dance teams like to bring them along on the road since having them will ensure they always have the right surface.

They’re also used as flooring in dance schools or anywhere that dance classes are taught or dance competitions are held where you need the appropriate flooring, but that’s also temporary.

For practicing dance at home parents often prefer tiles rather than having their child dance on actual wood flooring which can be scratched or damaged. And of course they allow kids to practice in areas like basements and garages without a problem.

Interlocking tiles are also a popular choice for trade show flooring and store displays. They also can be used simply as faux tile flooring when renting or when you want the look of natural materials but not the hassle.

Dance Floor Tiles

Designed For Easy Installation

These tiles are designed so that they can be installed or disassembled within a few minutes and without any tools or skills. Interlocking dance floor tiles will generally either snap together or have a hook and loop system.

This makes them a much less expensive option than installing a permanent dance floor since you won’t have to pay a professional to do the job for you and you can bring your tiles with you if you decide to move or if you need them when travelling.

They can be placed over any flat surface or existing flooring whether indoors or out such as carpeting, wood flooring, concrete, or asphalt. They are light in weight yet stable enough to be used on surfaces that uneven or soft. And while they can be used outside they aren’t designed to be left there permanently.

Because you can add or take away tiles to make your dance floor bigger or smaller depending on your needs, and also use them to create customized spaces they are sometimes advertised as modular dance floor tiles.

Dance Floor Tiles

Don’t Forget

When installing them you will want to make sure not to forget the sloped edges and corner pieces for any exposed edges or corners (which are also interlocking) so that people don’t trip when getting on the dance floor and also to give the surface a more cohesive look.

Care Made Simple

Luckily most tiles will require little or no maintenance to keep them clean just a sweeping or vacuuming when dust or debris builds up. For a more thorough cleaning a damp mop with hot water and a household floor cleaner or non-wax vinyl cleaner will usually do the trick. But of course you will want to check the recommended cleaning instructions for your tiles.

Different Looks For Different Tastes

Interlocking dance floor tiles can be made to look like a range of different material types such as wood and stone. You’ll often see wood tile options such that look very similar to authentic teak, oak, and maple among many others. Or you may prefer the look of re-claimed wood for a more vintage or rustic feel.Dance Floor Tiles

Natural stone options such as marble may come complete with details like veins running through them. Faux slate tiles are another way to go and these often have added texture just like real slate to help prevent slips and falls. However slip-resistance is not always suitable for all styles of dancing.

Solid color tiles are a choice as well and many people like to alternate between black and white to create the classic checkerboard tile pattern for their dance floor. However if you do want something that looks even more like a permanent there are real wood dance floor tiles too. Although these will typically have real wood face that is set in a plastic body. These are of course more expensive.


When shopping for tiles you will see that they are usually sold as individual tiles but also as mats. Mats may be made up of a group of pre-assembled tiles or just one large one it depends.

Dance Floor Tiles

Liquid Dance Floor Tiles

For a totally unique dancing experience liquid dance floor tiles are another option. With these each tile has a special brightly colored liquid that is encased inside of it. Every time they are stepped on they change their color and appearance. These tiles are large and made from leak-proof plastic while the actual liquid is environmentally safe and non-toxic.

They are also designed so that they can handle heavy weights and a lot of abuse without any problem. Most are actually fire-resistant as well. Liquid tiles don’t need any skill to install whatsoever. They are simply just placed down wherever you would like to use them. You can put them on top of whatever your existing flooring surface is regardless of whether it’s concrete or carpeting.

They aren’t interlocking but instead have a special non-slip backing to prevent them from moving. Of course this means they are portable, easy to rearrange, and can be moved to wherever you’d like to use them or even put them away when they’re not in use.

Dance Floor Tiles


Popular Uses

These are very popular with kids for all types of dancing and they do function very well as tap dance floor tiles in particular, since they change color every time you tap. They are also used as a play surface for children and their colors can encourage very young kids to crawl.

Liquid tiles can also be a big help in sensory rooms for children with disabilities and impairments since they are so visually stimulating. Alternatively in nightclubs and bars they will provide a striking display especially when used with a black light. Modern style spaces are also areas where people like to use them because of their large size and sleek appearance.


Liquid dance floor tiles are large so when shopping they are often purchased individually. But they are also sold in packs or as mats made up of multiple tiles.

Dance Floor Tiles

LED Dance Floor Tiles

Another colorful choice that don’t just change colors but light up on their own, are LED dance floor tiles. These tiles are usually made from different types of plastics such as Polyethylene and Acrylic which are designed to handle extremely heavy weights and are translucent allowing light to pass through them.

Usually each individual tile will have a solid-sided square cell beneath it. This cell contains the built-in LED lights which are capable of producing a wide range of colors. Both the bottom and sides of the interior of the cell are reflective to diffuse the lights and allow them to produce an even color on the face of the tile

Of course these light up dance floor tiles need a power source. Typically they can be plugged into an electrical outlet or are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.

The range of colors, their brightness, and speed, along special effects such as flashing and strobe lights usually can be controlled first hand by computer, or a hand-held remote. Some tiles can also be controlled by using a smart phone as a remote.

LED dance floor tiles may also have various modes that allow them to change colors on their own without the help of a remote such as “automatic,” or modes that that are activated by sound.

A particularly popular mode is one that uses pressure sensors in the tile so that they change color when they are stepped or danced on. Tiles will usually have their internal components sealed making the dance floor completely waterproof. This will protect against flooding, spills, rain etc.

Dance Floor Tiles


Best Uses

LED dance floor tiles are much more expensive than other options so they usually aren’t used by the average person to practice dancing at home. Although if you are looking to install an extremely high-end dance floor in your home for events they are a first class choice.

Normally they are used in night clubs and for stage performances. They are also sometimes used as an eye-catching runway in fashion shows that draws serious attention from the crowd. For party and DJ businesses they are an investment that allows customers to enjoy a special dancing experience at events.


These tiles can be much harder to find locally than other options. Therefore shopping online is usually they best way to go. They can be purchased individually or as mats that are made up of a bunch of tiles.

Dance Floor Tiles

You don’t need an actual dance floor to have the fun you’d like. Dance floor tiles can give you the surface you need and exactly where you want it.

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