Tile Color

The tile color you choose is one of the most important decisions you can make for your project. It can make a huge difference in how your home looks and feels and can even be a factor if there comes a time in the future when you would like to sell your house. And, while it is always great to pick a color you prefer, there are a few other things to consider other than which one you like best.

Go With The Theme

One of the most effective ways to pick tile colors is to first take a look at the theme of your home and of course the room itself. This will make sure that the room you are installing them in doesn’t look shockingly different and out of touch from the rest of the house. For specific styles there are always many tile colors and materials that are known to blend with them.

If your space has a Southwestern or Spanish feel for example, you might want to consider a Mexican tile backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms. These individual handmade and painted tiles are known for their yellows, blues, and greens.

Quarry tiles are another easy choice for Southwestern and Spanish style spaces with their gorgeous reds that can also work amazingly well, especially outdoors. Black floor tiles are always a favorite of both those who have very classic or very modern spaces since they go so well with both.

Tile Color


Bright And Bold

You may however want to really add a punch of color to your space. Choosing very brightly colored tiles is often a strategy used in smaller spaces so that they are not too overpowering as a whole and help bring some light into areas that otherwise would seem dim and boring.

Young kids often love them too, and bright tiles can work well in kids bedrooms that are already painted in vivid colors. Tiles of contrasting colors can also make a statement.

You can accomplish this by alternating tiles of each color or by purchasing tile that has a pattern like this printed on it already. A good example would be those that have a checkerboard tile pattern on each individual tile.

Tile Color


Matching Is Easy

Of course you could also simply look for tile colors that go with the existing color scheme of your room. By choosing ones which match or complement them instead of contrasting you can create an incredibly cohesive looking space. Many homeowners will also use tile colors to accent their furnishings or even appliances.

Stainless steel backsplash tiles are perfect for those who have modern kitchens with silver colored or stainless steel appliances like ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. Or if you have a brown sofa or chairs you may want to pick brown trim tiles to go with them.

Don’t Forget Cleaning

One extra thing most people don’t realize is that the tile color can influence how often the material needs to be cleaned. Some colors show dirt and dust more easily. Grey tile or colors close to it, are the top choice for keeping these from being seen.

White tile can look fantastic when kept very clean but can look dingy fast when not taken care of. Black options with a polished finish are extremely luxurious looking when dust free but since they are so shiny do make dust particles highly visible when they have been neglected.

Tile Color

When choosing your tile color keep these considerations in mind. They’ll help to ensure your project is a total success. And remember, some colors and finishes may require a little more upkeep to look their best than others.

In the end if you really can’t decide don’t be afraid to consult a professional since the result will be well worth the cost. But, magazines, books and online photos can also help to provide some serious inspiration worth copying too.

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