Concrete Tiles

“Concrete tiles? Are you sure?” This is the reaction of most homeowners when they hear the word tile and concrete together for the first time. While many roofers associate concrete with concrete roof tiles, concrete is not a material we normally associate with floor or wall tiles. Ceramic or porcelain come to mind, but not concrete.

Typically we think of concrete in relation to outdoor patios or walkways but definitely not tiles. However, to most peoples’ surprise, concrete is a fantastic material to use when tiling and it is fast up and coming for many reasons.

Are Concrete Tiles The Same As Cement Tiles?

This is the number question asked about concrete tiles. And the answer is yes. Cement tiles are actually shaped pieces of concrete. Many people are confused by this initially when they see tiles labeled as cement tiles.

Calling them cement tiles is something many manufacturers purposely do because they know most people don’t yet associate concrete with tiles. They feel that using the name cement tile sounds better and sells better. Regardless of what name you choose to call them, they are one in the same.

Concrete Tiles


Concrete Tile Facts:

They Are Cheaper Than Most Other Tiles

Concrete tiles are less expensive than other types of tiles, especially stone tiles. Concrete tiles are available cheaper than other types of tiles because they are less expensive to produce. This is because they are not fired at high temperatures like other types of tiles and therefore take less time and effort to make on the part of the manufacturer.

You Can Make Them Yourself

While not everyone has the required DIY skills or motivation to pour their own concrete tiles, many people do. And by doing so they save even more money. Some people even sell their extra tiles to making the cost of their project even cheaper.

Concrete Tiles


They Must Be Sealed

As a result of not being fired at high temperatures, when they are made, concrete tiles are less dense and more porous than other types of tiles. This is not a problem as long as they are properly sealed to protect them from water, staining, and mildew.

If they are not treated with a sealant they should not be used outdoors, especially in wet areas or very cold areas, as they can crack. Without a sealing they will also be at risk for staining.

They Are Extremely Tough And Versatile  

We might not associate tiles with concrete, but we do associate concrete with toughness. And concrete tiles are just that, tough and strong. And when properly sealed, they can work great as indoor or outdoor tiles.

Because concrete floor tiles can easily handle heavy foot traffic, are stain and water resistant (when sealed) they are often used in commercial settings such as offices and shops.

The fact that they are tough enough for busy commercial settings and cheaper than other materials makes them very appealing to homeowners as well. They can be used in any room of the house and on the floor or wall.

In fact, while in the past concrete tiles were heavier, with the many advancements in the concrete industry and in concrete technology, concrete tiles are actually much lighter than other tile materials including stone tiles, which makes them excellent wall tiles. You can even use them as fireplace tiles. They look great in every application and are tough to boot!Concrete Tiles

They Are Available In An Unbelievable Number Of Textures, Colors, And Patterns

Unlike other tile materials, concrete is unique in that it can be molded very easily. This means concrete tiles can be made into almost any shape and also stamped with an unbelievable number of textures as well. Concrete as a material is also very easy to dye and coat, which means it, can be produced in almost any color or pattern imaginable.

Easily Customized

The fact that concrete tiles can easily be made into basically any shape, color, texture, or pattern, means that homeowners can customize their tiles. They can have them made to their own specifications. Homeowners are able order tiles which fit their own unique project, something you can’t do with most other types of tile.

No longer are you limited to the options that are available in your local home store or even online. The sky is the limit with concrete. You can literally design your own tiles to match your home in any room and in any style or size.

Odd sizes, shapes, designs, or colors are not a problem. Some people even like to add their own custom imprints, from handmade designs to leaf imprints or even tire tread. It’s all up to you and your imagination and taste.

Concrete Tiles


Concrete Tiles Are Great At Mimicking Other Materials

These endless options mean the concrete tiles can mimic the look and feel of other materials extremely well. And while many homeowners know that ceramic and porcelain can be made to copy the look of other materials as with wood tile for example, most have no idea that you can do so with concrete too.

Concrete tiles are available in options that mimic plain ceramic and porcelain tiles for someone who wants the look of normal looking tiles but with the strength and lower cost of concrete. They are also available in styles, colors, patterns, and even textures which mimic many natural materials as well, such as different varieties of stone and wood.

Polished concrete tiles in fact, are becoming extremely popular because of just how similar they look to stones like marble but at a tiny fraction of the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining real marble flooring.

Many people actually mistake concrete tiles for materials such as slate or even quarry tiles because they can be made to look so similar. This is great news for the homeowner because not only do you have so many options to choose from, but you can customize each one to your own personal needs, space, or taste.

Concrete Tiles

photo courtesy of: Mode Concrete

Customizable in almost every way possible way, and with a look that mimic other materials for much less money and hassle, it’s no wonder concrete tiles have become so popular. These great features added to the fact that they are strong and durable makes these tiles a great bargain not only for the homeowner, but for anyone looking to get a great return on their investment.

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