White Tile

With so many choices when it comes to tile it’s easy to forget about the basics. You don’t need extravagant colors to get extraordinary results. White tile gives you all you need to make the most of your space.  And once you see all it has to offer there is no going back, you’ll be hooked!

White Equals Bright

White tile makes the ideal material for any space that is in need of some brightness. It’s white color is not only bright itself,  but will reflect light around the room which makes it a very effective tool. This can be increased even more if you choose white tile that has a glossy finish.

Create Contrast

White tile is also a great way to provide contrast. If you have a darker color scheme this can be an especially attractive way to go.  You can can also create contrast by surrounding your tiles with a darker colored grout.

White Tile


A Clean Look

White is a color that we associate with cleanliness. And for that reason, it makes sense we would want to use white in our homes. While some people love this idea right away, others are a little more skeptical because they are afraid dust and dirt will show up easier on white flooring.

White tile makes this decision simple because tile itself is an effortless material to clean, so you can enjoy the double benefit of its white color and the fact that if it does get soiled it would take much less time and effort to clean than other flooring options.

A Wide Variety Of Shades

White doesn’t just mean plain white. There are many, many, shades to choose from. You can easily find whites to match all spaces and because white tile is manufactured from an array of materials many have their own unique shades as well.

White Tile

Keep Cool

Many homeowners choose to use white tile in rooms that also have many windows because it not only reflects the light but the heat from the sun. By reflecting as opposed to absorbing the heat, your tiles will stay much cooler than other materials, and so will your house.

While white tile can be used in almost any home application, by far the most popular are:

A White Tile Backsplash

The job of a backsplash is to protect the areas behind your sink and stove from water and heat damage. Because tile is the preferred material to do so, a kitchen backsplash has also become a place which can be used to add a splash of color, design, or style to your kitchen.

And in the case of white tiles this means bringing in brightness and a clean look which can really make your kitchen look phenomenal.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up either, white with other colors can also be a good looking idea and with so many different types of white backsplash tiles on the market from subway to mosaic tiles your own creativity is your only limit.

White Tile


A White Tile Bathroom

Because tile is impervious (with the proper maintenance of course) to the damage that water and moisture could do to other flooring materials it is by far the best choice for use in the bathroom. The bathroom is another place where white tile shines. Most bathrooms don’t get a lot of light for two reasons.

The first being that many are just built in places that do not have any windows or access to natural light and the second that even if you do have windows, you won’t be keeping the shades up all the time for obvious reasons. White tile brings in brightness that you would not otherwise have.

It makes you feel like you are in a space which is full of light and clean, both of which are very important for a bathroom. An added benefit is that the brightness of white tiles will add a feeling of space to bathrooms which happen to be very small.

To create your white tile bathroom you can use wall tiles, floor tiles, or both. There is also an enormous amount of materials and styles to choose from too.

White Tile


The Most Common Materials

There are plenty of tile materials to choose from when looking for something white. Typically you will of course see the standards such as white porcelain tile and white ceramic tile. Another very popular option is glass. White glass tile is translucent and really has a gem-like quality.

This makes it very stylish, but because it is glass it’s also very tough yet easy to clean. It is therefore very often used in backsplashes and comes in many shades of white along with other colors as well.

White marble tile is a more classic option and also can really range in color and have unique veining. It works both on the floor and wall alike, and really looks luxurious.

White Tile


The Top Styles of White Tile:

White Subway Tile

Subway tile is an easy way to go if you like white because this is the color they were originally made in. These are rectangular as opposed to being square. They were designed to be glossy and white to bring light to dark underground subway stations.

Subway tiles also use very thin grout lines which means they need less cleaning. It is these traits along with their simple and timeless good looks which really appeals to homeowners.

White Beveled Subway Tile

If you are looking for something a little different, white beveled subway tile is another variation of this standard tile. These will have an edge that is not perpendicular to the face of the tile which adds both depth and dimension.

The Metro in Paris is actually many people’s inspiration for using these in their home as they are used extensively there. If you look carefully you can see the beveled edge in the tile below.

White Tile


White Glass Subway Tile

Most subway tiles are ceramic or porcelain but white glass subway tiles are also becoming more and more popular especially in the kitchen. A white subway tile backsplash using glass tiles will typically also use a white backing to make their effect more intense.

Subway tiles regardless of the variety you choose make a really nice choice for the bathroom too. Many people love them so much they install them from the floor to the ceiling. They also are a great choice for the shower because their thin grout lines mean less exposure to water. So don’t overlook  considering a white subway tile bathroom.

White Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are another style of tile that works exceptionally well in white. There are many materials to choose from but regardless of what you decide on, each individual tile will almost always be made up of many miniature sized tiles on on a mesh backing.

White mosaic tiles are seen both on the wall and the floor. In fact, they make a top-notch bathroom floor tile not only because of their color, but the fact that they have many more grout lines than other types of tiles means they will give you superior grip on slippery floors. You may want to choose black and white mosaic tile for extra contrast.

White Tile


White Penny Tile

Definitely not as well known as other types or styles of tile, penny tile is a very unique and often overlooked white tile choice. Named after its shape and size which are similar to the penny, it makes for an interesting retro look which will be a guaranteed conversation piece.

White penny tile is ideal for backsplashes, bathroom walls, and floors. An extra benefit is that it comes on pre-mounted sheets so it’s a cinch to install.

White Tile

It’s hard to believe one color of tile has so much to offer. Cool, contrasting, clean, and bright are more than enough to make any project a winner. And with so many shades, materials, and styles, you will be more than pleased with what white tile can provide not just in your kitchen or bathroom but anywhere you decide to use it.

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