Linear Bathroom Tiles

Nowadays there are more tile options than ever. So when it comes time to choose something for your bathroom it can take a while. However if you want a look that’s different and makes a big impact, linear bathroom tiles might be the right fit.

Linear tiles are long and rectangular. In fact they are longer and narrower than standard subway tiles. While they do come in large sizes they are often sold as mosaic tiles. Each individual mosaic tile is made up of many small-sized linear tiles that are attached to a mesh backing.

This allows for easy installation since it holds all of the linear tiles in place and keeps them perfectly spaced and arranged. And now that you know the basics here’s why you’ll want to consider linear options of all sizes for your next bathroom upgrade.

Linear Bathroom Tiles


Create The Look Of Space When You Don’t Have It

The bathroom is one room of the house that is often extremely limited in size. And while there may be nothing you can do to make it any physically bigger other than knocking down a few walls, you can use linear bathroom tiles to help change how your space is perceived.

Their elongated shape helps to create long lines that make your eyes think they are looking at a larger space than they really are. This can be a huge help on walls and even floors of smaller bathrooms.

Linear Bathroom Tiles


Instantly Add Interest

Because all linear options are narrow, it means you will use more tiles in a given space. And that makes this is one option that can pack quite a visual punch. The combined effect of all of these individual tiles, the pattern they are installed in, their grout lines, colors, and the materials they are made from can give your eyes a lot to be attracted to in one area.

Impact Even In Small Spaces

Their long and thin shape also means you can use them even in very small spaces. So you can enjoy all that visual interest mentioned above even in the narrowest of bathroom backsplashes. And even a very thin linear tile border can have a serious impact on the entire room.

Linear Bathroom Tiles


Play With The Color And Materials Offered By Mosiacs  

Regardless of whether you are using your tiles in smaller space, one that is more mid-size, or very large, you can take advantage of how much linear mosaic tiles offer visually. Each mosaic can come in a wide range of colors and sizes in just one tile.

Some may even include multiple materials used together. But don’t overlook more uniform options either. Grey linear bathroom tiles in particular whether in a single shade and various different ones are easily one of the most popular choices both for mosaics and full-sized tiles.

Linear Bathroom Tiles


Herringbone Magic   

If you’d like to add a boost to how your bathroom space looks there is nothing like using a tile pattern that isn’t seen as often. The herringbone layout is just that. It uses linear tiles to create a “V,” shape which looks similar to the skeleton of a fish.

This is not only a luxurious layout but it can also help to make narrow floor and wall spaces look wider than they are. So it’s a great choice for creating the appearance of size.

With linear tiles bathroom spaces can be transformed to look not just bigger but so that they instantly grab attention. And with these ideas you can use them for stunning results that work for your individual needs.

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