Garage Tiles

The garage floor is one area of the house that many homeowners would love to upgrade but don’t know how. It can be a rough place with falling tools and equipment that could easily crack or break many flooring materials. Most materials simply can’t handle the abuse that your standard garage floor is exposed to regularly.

So what should you choose when you want to add to the look and function of this space, garage flooring tiles of course! These tiles are designed specifically to provide the strength and features that use on the garage floor demands and here are the basics.

Garage Tiles


All-Around Toughness

Manufactured from tough plastics like polypropylene, garage tiles are made to be strong enough so that you can drive over and park on top of them without a problem. Most can handle even the weight of larger sized trucks easily.

This of course makes them a popular choice for those who are looking to use them as flooring in a garage workshop where there will be heavy machines, furniture, or work tables. Many tiles are also resistant to petroleum products, harsh chemicals, oil, and grease which would cause stains on most other surfaces or even damage. This can be a big help if you like to work on your car or motorcycle at home.

Garage Tiles


Bold Colors And Designs

You will notice when shopping that garage tile comes in many bold and bright colors. These can be used to spice up a boring concrete floor or to create a space to show off your vehicles and others toys. But of course there are less bright options such as white, black, and grey.

You may want to choose a single color for a uniform look. Or many people like to alternate colors to create a checkerboard tile pattern. You can also use different colors to create designs or borders for where each car should be parked.

Garage Tiles


Add Grip Where You Need It

One of the many reasons, consumers choose these tiles for garage floor spaces along with many others is that they provide grip. A textured grip can be very important when it comes to preventing slips and falls. There are different types and designs such as coin shaped and diamond plate depending on what you like. Perforated tiles are another choice too.

Garage Tiles


Among their top features is the fact that garage tiles allow for drainage. This makes sure that no matter how wet the conditions, you will always be able get as much grip as possible. It also makes for easy cleaning, helps to keep things way less messy in the winter time with snow, and is a big help in areas that may flood.

Garage Tiles

Of course you will need to make sure that you have a proper floor drainage system in place to get rid of excess water. Many tiles are designed for water and air flow underneath. Others such as perforated tiles let water drain directly through body of the tile which makes them one of the best garage floor tiles for really wet spaces and all-around use especially in outdoor areas that get a lot of rain or around pools.

Balconies and basements that tend to flood are other places they are used. Cat owners often will use perforated garage tiles indoors under and around litter boxes since excess kitty litter will just fall through and won’t be tracked around the house. They are also a favorite of dog owners for use in kennels, crates, and exercise pens since urine can drain right through them as well.

Garage Tiles


Installation Made Easy

There is no need to pay for installation with these tiles. Since they are interlocking garage floor tiles don’t need any tile grout or adhesive. Some may need a few hits with a rubber mallet though, to help get them together. If you decide to move in the future or are currently renting you can always remove them and bring them with you.

Garage Tiles

Another big advantage that garage floor tiles have is that there is no need to remove your current flooring before you install them. They can be added right on top of any semi-flat surface. For most people this means placing their tiles over their concrete floor but really any material will work as long as it’s fairly flat.

No installation costs make garage floor tiles cheap when compared to other options, which can often allow you to go with higher quality brands while still staying within your budget. For the entrance of your project and near the walls most manufacturers offer ramp edges.

These will give you a clean and finished look while providing a smooth transition for your vehicle up onto the surface. An added bonus is that just about all types of garage tile can be cut to fit your unique space with any jigsaw or circular saw you won’t need any special tools.

Garage Tiles



When it comes time to clean your tiles there isn’t much effort required. A good sweeping or once over with a shop-vac will get rid of loose debris. And a mopping or rinse with a power washer will keep tiles spotless.

Other Uses

Since they are heavy duty and do offer drainage they can be used in other places too. Other than some of the ideas mentioned above consumers also like to use them for flooring in sheds, man caves, bars, workshops of all types, dance floors, home gyms, yoga studios, and mud rooms. They also can be used in home offices, to create dance floors, on boats, and on shower floors in RV’s.

Garage Tiles

For toughness, looks, grip, and drainage garage tiles are a choice that always works. With no installation costs to pay and endless places to use them outside of the garage, they are one versatile and budget-friendly option.

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