Grey Linear Tiles

Are you looking for luxurious yet neutral colored tiles that are sure to add interest to your walls? If so, you won’t have to search any further, grey linear tiles are a solution that can get it done. Here are the top ideas and tips for using and choosing them successfully.

Going Grey In A Special Way

Grey can work well with any color scheme. It can help to add depth to more subdued colors in the room and can be perfect for upgrading the look of your space without totally taking over.

For these reasons, along with a few more you’ll soon learn, it’s easy to understand why grey has been, and will remain one of the hottest color choices. When you combine these natural advantages with the look of linear tiles you have a win-win combination.

Linear tiles are very slender rectangular shaped tiles which can pack a lot to look at even in a very limited space such as a backsplash. They are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens where they can add much needed visual interest to walls. Their length can also help to trick the eye into thinking that a space is longer and bigger than it really is.

Grey Linear Tiles


Choosing A Shade
Standard grey is considered to be halfway between white and black in color. However there are many different shades to choose from. Of course exactly what shade you pick is a matter of preference but here are a few tips to help.

Light grey linear tiles can be used to create a heavenly contrast particularly with bright white walls, cabinets, and counters. Pale and lighter colored grey tiles can also help to add a feeling of space and the long lines of the linear tiles themselves can really add to this effect as well.

Grey Linear Tiles

Light grey tiles typically will also work well with paler colored woods and stones, and can help to add brightness to dim rooms. Using a shade of grey which contrasts your flooring is a method many interior designers use. For example if you have a very light colored floor, dark grey linear tiles would be in order and vice versa.

Dark grey tiles can give you a soothing yet opulent background for whatever room you choose to install them in. They are also a great tool which you can use to help make brighter colored features, furniture, and spaces in your room really pop and stand out.

You don’t have to decide on a single shade, some linear tiles have multiple shades of grey in the same tile which can help you to accomplish a lot at once.

Grey Linear Tiles


Picking A Winning Finish

Both glossy and matt (matte) finishes are very popular choices for grey in particular. The surface of linear grey gloss tiles can reflect extra light which can help brighten up darker spaces. It can also make smaller spaces seem more open and larger than they really are.

For this reason many people choose to install grey linear bathroom tiles in bathrooms that are limited in size or get very little or no natural light. And while water droplets are easier to see on a glossy finish, at the same time the tiles are also very easy to wipe clean which can save you a lot time and effort.

In contrast the finish of linear grey matt tiles can hide things like stains and water marks easily. Grey tiles in particular are very good at hiding dust from sight and a when they have a matt finish they are even more low-maintenance.

A matt finish can also give your space a more rustic or natural look with an ambience of tranquility. But of course you may simply want a more standard finish that is in-between these two extremes.

Grey Linear Tiles

Grey Material Options

Fortunately for fans of grey there are many materials you can pick from. Grey glass linear tiles are definitely one of the most sought after but also commonly available. The translucence of glass tiles can give them a glow that is easy to fall in love with.

Many natural stones come in grey as well. For example grey linear wall tiles made from slate would be an ideal choice for rustic spaces. And of course ones made from marble will add a sense of luxury. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles come in a wide range of grey shades but can made to look like stone as well.

Metal tiles such as those made from stainless steel can be used to match your fixtures and can be very modern. Or you may want to choose tiles that have a mixture of materials such as glass and stone for example. Mixed materials can add a lot visually and provide texture too.

Grey Linear Tiles

Take this information and use it to create your ideal space. Grey linear tiles are a choice that will help you to do so as easily as possible.

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