Himalayan Salt Tile

While most tiles are meant to be used on floors, walls or counter tops, there is one which can actually improve the taste and quality of your food. Known as Himalayan salt tile, these natural blocks of salt have many fantastic benefits. And while the majority of us may never have the chance to travel to the Himalayas, the tallest mountain range in the world with such legendary mountains as Everest and K2, anyone can enjoy these tiles at home and in a variety of ways.

Himalayan Salt Tile


Natural Benefits 

Mined from the mountains where the Himalayas run through Pakistan, salt tiles have a natural pink color that is very attractive. This totally organic crystal salt is famous for being the purest and cleanest type of all salts because it is not contaminated by pollutants or toxins since it has been protected deep in the mountains for hundreds of years or more.

Himalayan salt has over eighty different trace elements which help to maintain a healthy balance in your body and retain important electrolytes. Unlike table salt it is easy to metabolize and doesn’t use any added artificial preservatives to keep it fresh. In fact it can stay fresh indefinitely.

Himalayan Salt Tile


A Presentation Guests Will Remember

Tiles can be used to serve your food which makes for a memorable presentation. The gorgeous pink coloring and fact that food is actively absorbing salt from an all natural tile before the eyes of your guests will be sure to make it a conversation point and the center of attention. (Slate tiles are another choice if you are looking for natural materials for serving food.)

Just Enough

Typically food items that contain more moisture will absorb more salt while those that are dryer will absorb much less. You won’t have to worry about things getting too salty though since at most this will only be a hint. (At first glance some people mistakenly assume that when resting on tile of salt that their food will automatically become too salty, this not the case.)

Himalayan Salt Tile


Keep It Cold

If you will be using your Himalayan salt tile with food that is best served cold you are luck. That’s because different from a standard plate or platter, Himalayan salt tiles can be chilled or frozen beforehand and stay cool for up to a few hours.

Cheese, sushi, salads, shellfish, hard-boiled eggs and all types of chilled desserts are great ways to go among many others. Don’t forget about dips and cured meats! The salt will actually cure seafood and thinly sliced meats on its own.

Himalayan Salt Tile


Heat Things Up

While they are popular for serving, these tiles are even more well-known for their ability to be used as a cooking surface for searing vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. Because of this they are often advertised as a “Himalayan salt cooking tile,” but also make an ideal cutting board too. You can use a tile on the grill, electric stove, or in the oven.

The crystal structure of the salt allows tiles to handle extremely high temperatures but also to distribute that heat throughout the body of the tile. This ensures that food is cooked evenly and thoroughly no matter where on the tile it is placed. And just like they can stay cool for longer periods of time than other materials, tiles can also retain heat for a long time after cooking as well which can help to keep food warm.

Himalayan Salt Tile


Safety First

Since they can get quite hot, and may take two to three hours to cool down after taking them off of a heat source, you will need to be careful when handling your tile. Most people will purchase a holder with handles for their tile so they can move it without having to actually touch the tile when it is too hot or cold.

Using a holder will also help protect the tile itself from being dropped. Some manufacturers will also offer protective cases to so you can transport your tile to another location or just keep it stored securely.

Himalayan Salt Tile

Cleaning Isn’t An Issue

Salt tiles are naturally anti-microbial so you won’t have to worry about nasty micro-organisms like bacteria or viruses but you will want to keep it clean. To do so a quick wash in warm water and scrub with a brush or sponge is all that is needed. After that tiles should be wiped to get rid of any moisture and then left to air dry for twenty four hours before putting them away.

Himalayan Salt Tile

As you can see there are a ton of benefits to using a Himalayan salt tile. When it comes to healthy living or just plain tasty food and fun you will want to make sure you’ve got one ready for the fridge, freezer, or fire.

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