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When purchasing wall or floor tiles, many people use a tile calculator program. However, not only do you not need one, its smarter for you to know how to estimate how many boxes of tile you will need by yourself, without the use of a computer program. It’s extremely simple and just good to know!

Method For Estimating How Many Floor Tiles You Will Need:

Step 1: Calculate how many square feet your room or space is. This is simple; just multiply the length of the room by the width. So if your room was 10 feet by 10 feet,   (10 x 10 = 100 square feet).

Step 2: Add 5% for breakage and waste. So if your total square feet was 100 simply multiply 100 by .05 (100 x .05 = 5).

Step 3: Add the two totals.  (100 +5 = 105) So you would need 105 square feet of tile.

Step 4: Look on the tile carton and find how many square feet each carton covers, and divide your total number of square feet by the number on the carton. So if it said the carton contained 10 square feet of tiles,  simply divide 105 by 10 and you have (105 / 10 = 10.5). This means you need about 10.5 boxes of tile to complete your project. So you should purchase 11.

Tile Calculator


Or you can simply use our calculator below:


Method For Estimating How Many Wall Tiles You Will Need:

Step 1: Measure all of the walls. This means the length of the wall by how many feet high on the wall you will tile.  So if your wall was 10 feet long and you were planning to tile 5 feet high, you would multiply 10 by 5 and get 50 square feet (10 x 5 = 50).

Step 2: Subtract the area of your windows, and doors. So if your wall had one window that was 2 feet by 3 feet(2 x 3 =6) you would subtract 6 from 50(50 – 6 = 44) for a total of 44 square feet.

Step 3: Add 5% for breakage. So multiply .05 by 44 to get 2.2 (.05 x 44 = 2.2).

Step 4: Add the two totals so 2.2 plus 44 (2.2 + 44 = 46.2) for an answer of 46.2 square feet.

Step 5: Just as with the floor tiles, the carton of the wall tile will tell you how many square feet it covers. So if each carton covers 10 square feet, divide 46.2 by 10 for a total of 4.62 (46.2/10=4.62) cartons of tile. So you would purchase 5 cartons.

Tile Calculator


Or you can simply use our calculator below:


Extra Tips To Remember When Purchasing Your Tile:

-Always draw an accurate diagram of your space and bring it with you when purchasing tile. That way, if you have any questions the person helping you can use your diagram to give you an accurate answer for your specific job.

-It’s always better to buy a few more tiles than you actually need, than to buy too few!!!! This could end up being a huge problem because maybe the style, color, brand, etc. has been discontinued or is unavailable.

-Check to see if your tile shop has a return policy, you may actually be able to return extra unused tiles.

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