Is subway tile out of style? This classic choice has been so popular for so long, that many people are starting to wonder.

Subway tile has enjoyed an extra long time in the spotlight. In fact, it’s been in high demand for use in homes and businesses for close to a century. If you’re a big fan of this classic choice, you have nothing to worry about its here to stay. But there have been some twists!

A Timeless Classic

Different from many other options subway tile is considered to be a timeless choice. So while trends naturally change over time, it stays in fashion. This is actually one of the reasons that makes subway tile so popular.

That is of course along with its classic appearance, balanced look, and easiness to clean. While subways do come in many colors, the most classic looking of all is white. So it’s no wonder so many people ask specifically if white subway tile is out of style as well.

Both white and colored subways have been used heavily in recent years and don’t show any signs of going anywhere. White tiles will continue to stay in style, making them a safe and attractive upgrade, especially for creating vintage style spaces that need a clean and bright look.


New Trends: Dressing Up An Old Favorite

While they may be a classic, tile manufacturers have come up with quite a few ways to keep this favorite on the cutting edge of style. Brighter and bolder subway tile colors have been available recently and have are very popular for new installations.

Tile with new and different textures have also been highly sought after. For example a wavy texture can help to create a more modern space but also has a surface that’s three dimensional. There are also many new finishes and glazes which are hot right now too.

Many of these are made to make the tile look much more vintage or even distressed. (Vintage style tiles in general have been top sellers across the board with tiles of all types, not just subways.) Of course you’ll also see these subway tile trends echoed in their smaller cousin as well: mosaic subway tile.

When planning to install subway tile, or any tile for that matter, just remember that you should base your final decision on what you truly like. Don’t worry about the trends. Your upgrade will be with you for a long time, so go with your gut and you usually won’t go wrong!

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