Larger Tiles Tend To Make A Small Room Appear Bigger

There are many tricks used by interior designers, builders, and contractors that can really effect the way a room is viewed. And while most homeowners don’t know about them, they are simple enough to be applied by anyone and can really work wonders to improve the look of your space. Here are the two easiest concepts which anyone can implement and as a result make a huge impact on a small space.

Larger Tiles Tend To Make A Small Room Appear Bigger

This simple truth can help anyone with a room which feels or looks too small to make it instantly look much larger than it really is. This is such a popular trick because not only does it work really well but it requires no extra effort, just larger tiles. It’s funny because many people don’t believe just how well this works until they see it.

This concept is effective because as our eyes see large tiles our brain automatically associates them with a large space in effect tricking it into thinking it is looking at a much area than it really is.

Larger Tiles Tend To Make A Small Room Appear Bigger

Things To Remember

  • Larger tiles are actually much more visually appealing than smaller tiles, which means not only will they make your space appear bigger but classier as well, especially when used with stone tiles. In fact, large stone tiles look so high-end that installing them will definitely increase the value of your home the moment they are set in place.
  •  Another plus of using large tiles is that because there are way less grout lines which means your floors will  be much easier to clean and maintain.
  • Always remember to purchase extra tiles when installing, because larger tiles even though they can be extremely tough can crack easier than smaller ones during installation.

Extra Tips:

-While large tiles will work by themselves to create a sense of space this look can actually be intensified by using one of two different tile patterns in conjunction with large size tiles, the diagonal and the running bond tile pattern. The diagonal tile pattern is where tiles are laid out at a forty five degree angle so that their widest part is facing you as you enter the room.

-By using the anatomy of the tile to aid you this pattern also tricks your eye into thinking the tile itself and thus the space is much larger. This is like a double like a “double whammy” because large tiles even laid in a normal grid or straight lay pattern would make the space look bigger already but the diagonal tile pattern intensifies this even more.
Larger Tiles Tend To Make A Small Room Appear Bigger

-Another way to go would be using the running bond tile pattern with large rectangular tiles. This is a trick that many homeowners use with outdoor tiles or even pavers, to make a narrow space look wider. And while it is not nearly used as often inside the home as the diagonal pattern, it works just as well indoors or out.

Simply install these rectangular tiles with their widest part (the length of the tile) so it is perpendicular to you as you enter the room. As the tiles line up so too will their grout lines, forming a multitude of long lines spreading across the width of the room and as our eyes see the large and long rectangular tiles and naturally follow the long lines across the width of the room they are deceived once again into thinking the space is much bigger than it really is.


Really Small Tiles Also Tend To Make A Small Room Appear Bigger

This concept confuses many people. They seem to assume that if larger tiles tend to make a smaller room appear bigger, the opposite would be true for very small tiles. However, this is actually not the case. This is one of the reasons why you almost always see tiny size tiles in bathrooms.

Unlike large tiles which makes us think a space is big because of their large size, small tiles make us think a small space is big because of their small size. As your eyes see the fact that there are so many tiles it automatically assumes that it is larger because there are just so many of them fitting in this space.

The hundreds of intersecting grout lines also take the focus of the smallness of the room and focus it on the floor where your eye is drawn to the huge number of tiles.

Larger Tiles Tend To Make A Small Room Appear Bigger


Things to Remember:

  • While large tiles can make a bathroom look larger than it is, they are actually better used in medium or large bathrooms to make them seem more spacious. The reason for this is because of the fact that they can be very hard to install around the many obstacles in a small bathroom such as the sink, toilet, bath, etc. and also can look a little strange in such a confined space.
  • Also remember that with all of those grout lines comes the hassle of keeping them all clean. And because there is more area to absorb stains there is a much greater chance your floor will look dirty.
  • While very small tiles can make a small room look bigger you really wouldn’t want to install them anywhere other than the bathroom. This is because of the fact that they are used so often in this room that they have become synonymous, so that every time you see them you think of the bathroom. This is probably not the look you are looking for when it comes to your kitchen or living room. So while they can do the job they are best reserved for only that room.

Extra Tips:

-Another great option as opposed to using standard square tile is penny tile. These small ,round, penny-sized tiles, are a fantastic way to make your bathroom look not only larger but classier and more classic as well.

Larger Tiles Tend To Make A Small Room Appear Bigger

-If you have a very small bathroom and you don’t like the look of small tiles or large tiles, a good idea would be medium sized tiles placed in the diagonal tile pattern. This means less grout to clean and the illusion of size.

-If you do decide on small tiles but don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking care of the grout, a great idea is colored grout. A dark colored grout can easily hide grout stains as well as be used to highlight the individual tiles or match other colors in the room as well.

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