Tile Medallions

While some tile installations can be visually stunning right from the start others may need a little bit of help to bring them to the next level. When things start to seem a little too plain adding a striking focal point can be the best solution. Tile medallions offer the homeowner just that and with the benefit of not requiring you have to re-tile your entire surface.

Art From Tile

Medallions can truly be considered pieces of floor or wall art and can give a tremendous boost to the look of the space where they are used. Normally they are sold as mosaic tiles which means that have many small pieces that are attached to a single backing for easy installation and may also therefore be advertised as mosaic tile medallions.

All of these pieces of  can have different shapes and colors but form a complete image just like with a jigsaw puzzle. They typically are square, rectangular, oval, circular, and even octagonal in shape.

Tile Medallions


Images For Everyone

The images that medallions portray can really vary. While some intricate designs others show scenes of animal life.  Fish, flowers, and stars always seem to a popular choice for decorative tile medallions. A compass rose, which depicts the face of a compass that points North, South, East, and West, is another very common way to go.

You can also have your medallion custom-made if you would like to use your company logo or a very specific image or even written message. When choosing one you can use the theme of your home or the area which it is being installed to help you decide.

For example floor tile medallions of fish, dolphins, turtles and other aquatic creatures are often chosen for bathroom rooms, showers, swimming pools, or for any room in a beach house. You may also want to simply think of your favorite designs, wildlife, or hobbies to come up with more options.

Tile Medallions


Great Spots For Adding Them

Medallions can be used on both floors and walls but there are definitely a few areas that they do so seem to work best. Entryway tile medallions are a well-known way to make sure that the first thing guests see when they walk into your house is a fabulous visual display.

When centered on the floors of hallways they can transform dull looking spaces to ones which are much more impressive. In the kitchen tile medallions also can be used for making an impact both on the floor and wall. They are often used as eye-catching backsplash tiles and often surrounded by tile borders which may also use mosaic tile.

In the bathroom they are typically used on the main or shower floor and sometimes to create decorative feature walls both inside and outside the shower. Of course they also can be added to backsplashes in the bathroom too.

Tile Medallions


Material Choices

Depending on your budget, preference, and where you will be using it there are quite a few materials choices to pick from. Because they look so good when used with other stone tiles they are often made up of natural stone tiles themselves such as travertine and marble. You can also find ceramic and porcelain tile medallions that imitate the look of real stone but without the maintenance that stone requires along with being less costly.

Some may be a mixture of materials and even include options like metal which are three dimensional. However, metal tile medallions are made for use on the wall not the floor. Metal can be a unique choice on its own or for matching your existing stainless steel or copper tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. They also are fabulous for matching metal fixtures and appliances.

Tile Medallions


For converting boring looking spaces or those that simply need an upgrade floor and wall tile medallions are a straightforward way to get ravishing results. By installing just one you can change the entire feel of how a whole room is perceived.

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