Marble Floor Tile Pros And Cons

Marble has been used for as flooring thousands of years, and is well-known for its stunning good looks. However before deciding to use this favorite you’ll want to know all the marble floor tile pros and cons.


Durable: Because marble is a naturally dense material it’s perfectly suited for use as a flooring material. Marble flooring can even be installed in areas that have high foot traffic without a problem.

This durability also means that it long lasting, often up to a lifetime. Although like all natural stones tiles will need to be properly maintained and cared for.

Wide Spectrum Of Colors: One thing you won’t have to worry about with marble is a lack of color. There is what can seem to be an infinite range of colors and shades to choose from to meet any preference or match any interior.

While white marble floor tile is the most commonly available gray, yellow, brown, pink, red, green, black and many more colors are all options to choose from for your floors.

Marble Floor Tile Pros And Cons


Natural Variation And Veining: To add to the many different colors and shades of marble, as a natural stone each tile has its own totally unique markings. And in addition to them marble is also famous for its veins. These run through the tiles creating gorgeous one-of-a-kind patterns.

Each floor tile can therefore really be looked at as an individual work of art. Veins can also add a visually striking appearance to floors particularly when their color contrasts the color of the stone itself. Black floor tile with white veins would be one such example.

Elegant Looks: One of the most well-known advantages of marble flooring is its ability to create a highly elegant appearance. For this reason it’s often the flooring material of choice in upscale hotels, businesses, and homes. Regardless of where it’s installed it always adds a look and feeling of both class and status.

Marble Floor Tile Pros And Cons


Increased Value: Installing marble floor tile can help to increase the value a property. This is partly due to its high-end appearance but also its durability.

Home buyers know that when purchasing a property with marble tile flooring it will last for many years into the future without needing to be upgraded. And because its looks are timeless it will never go out of style.

Keep Cool: A very helpful feature of marble is the fact that it can stay cool even in very hot weather. It has a high thermal mass, which allows it to absorb heat while keeping its own temperature. This one of the reasons marble is often used as fireplace tile.

When used on the floor it means that your tiles can help to keep your home a comfortable temperature. They can even keep you physically cools as they can absorb heat directly from your feet.

Interestingly the thermal properties of marble also allow it to conduct heat very well, when used with an underfloor tile heating system. So if you want marble flooring but don’t like the thought of cold tiles on a winter morning, keeping them heating will make things cozy.

Marble Floor Tile Pros And Cons



Cost: Marble is a highly desirable natural stone and this is reflected in its cost. It will cost more to purchase and install than standard options such as ceramic.

However it has become much more affordable in recent years. Because they tiles will usually last longer than many other materials this can make up for the difference in price.

Acids: Marble is made of the mineral calcite which reacts to acids. When it comes into contact with them a very small amount of the stone is dissolved.

This is known as etching and causes a dulling of the stone or a slight color change. Although etching can usually be polished out or even blend in with the natural variation of the stone.

Marble Floor Tile Pros And Cons


Scratches: Marble generally scores around a three on the Mohs hardness scale, a scale which measures the hardness of minerals of their and ability to be scratched.

In contrast granite tiles would be a seven. And although scratches can usually be buffed out you’ll still need to be careful when doing things like moving heavy furniture for example.

Cracks: When something that’s both heavy and hard falls on marble floor tile it can crack. While this does not typically crack the body of the tile it can result small cracks in the surface.

These are known as stun marks or star cracks and are caused by small explosions in the crystals of the stone from the impact.

Marble Floor Tile Pros And Cons


Slippery: Unfortunately one of most famous finishes for this stone, polished, can also be extremely slippery when wet. A fall on a hard stone surface such as marble can be very painful and even cause serious injury.

For this reason polished marble tile should not be used on bathroom floors or where they will be exposed to water and moisture on a regular basis. Be sure to choose tiles with a different finish instead.

You now know all the marble floor tile pros and cons. And with this info you’re much more prepared to make an accurate assessment of whether or not this luxurious material is right for your space.

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