Marble Look Tile

The elegance of marble is coveted worldwide. Yet not everyone wants to deal with tile made from real stone and they don’t have to. There are many marble look tile options that can give you the appearance of marble but with benefits that are more suitable for your needs.

Is Real Marble Right For You?

While marble is gorgeous there are several drawbacks to tile made from it. First and foremost they can be expensive. And some specific types such as Calacatta marble are even more costly.

Marble tiles should also be installed by a professional who has a lot of experience with natural stone and not your average DIY homeowner. They will need to be sealed and care will have to be taken to protect them from harsh and acidic chemicals and cleaning solutions.

If you do love real stone and don’t see these facts as drawbacks, you may want to consider the real thing after all. For everyone else, there are many benefits to choosing an alternative.

Marble Look Tile


The Faux Solution

Typically consumers who go with marble look tile do so because it’s affordable and at the same time easy to clean and care for. And of course don’t forget the realistic marble appearance. There are several different material options and some are more realistic than others.

There are choices for those who want something that looks so real that only a professional could tell the difference. Or you may just want something that looks similar and that’s an option too.

Marble Look Tile

Tiles come in all the same colors as marble but most often you’ll see them in the classics for which this stone is most well-known: white, grey, and black. White marble look tile is especially popular and probably the most widely available.

Some tiles are actually made to look just like specific types of marble such as Calacatta, with its thick highly contrasting veins and white color. Carrara marble look tile is another sought after choice if you prefer more of a grayish white with veins that are more feathery and subtle.

Marble Look Tile


What Material Should You Choose?

The material you pick for your tiles really depends on your needs, budget, and your preference. So here are the basics of each to help you make the decision much easier.

Ceramic And Porcelain

Without a doubt the most versatile material choices are ceramic and porcelain. They come in the widest variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Because of their low water absorption rates they are ideal for wet areas.

If you would like to create a marble look tile shower, or use your tiles on bathroom floors or walls these two materials are ideal. Both porcelain and ceramic marble look tile can be highly realistic and very hard to tell apart from real stone.

They can transform whatever space they are installed making it seem like it is covered in opulent stone. Marble look ceramic tile is typically the cheaper choice and better suited for indoor use. Marble look porcelain tile on the other hand is tougher, even less water absorbent, and can be used outside.

Marble Look Tile



You most likely didn’t know that this humble building material could be used to create authentic-looking marble tiles but it can. Concrete tiles are unbelievably durable and work just as well indoors or out.

But they will need to be sealed properly. In fact they also happen to be very budget-friendly so when it comes to toughness and price they offer serious value.


The option that will cost you the least per square foot is almost always marble look vinyl tile. And because installation is easy it can be done on your own to save even more cash. Vinyl definitely won’t feel like real stone under you feet.

Marble Look Tile

But, different from most tile materials it offers more cushion which can be a lifesaver when you will be standing on it for long periods of time. This can also help prevent items from breaking if they happen to fall onto the floor.

Another advantage that people prefer about vinyl is that it doesn’t get cold like stone flooring, so you won’t ever have to worry about dealing with chilly feet especially in the winter months.

Marble Look Tile

It’s true; you can enjoy the luxurious appearance of marble without the hassles of real stone. And best of all your marble look tile can be your dirty little secret. No one else has to know.

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