Mosaic Tile

Using standard size tiles can sometimes get a little boring. For adding some visual appeal to your space that is a little different you may want to consider mosaic tile. With a wide array of areas that it can be used it could be just what you need to mix things up a bit.

What Is Mosaic Tile?

Much smaller than your standard options mosaic tile is tile that has been cut into small pieces. Normally each tile is two inches in size or less. However they often are sold in square sheets. Each sheet is made up of a large number of these small tiles attached to a mesh backing.

By attaching the tiles to the mesh it makes installation much easier. Instead of having to set and space each individual little tile, with sheets the spacing is already perfect and a large number of tiles can be installed at once. There are also individual mosaic tiles you can purchase that are not attached to a backing.

These are typically used for making creative designs and even images known as mosaics. Many mosaic artists will use special tile nippers to cut single tiles to the shapes they need to fit their projects.

Mosaic Tile



One of the best features of mosaics is that they are available in just about all materials. Ceramic, porcelain, metal, and glass mosaic tile are all very popular. There are even options made from shells like mother of pearl. Some tiles will also feature a mixture of materials attached to the same backing such as glass and stone or glass and metal.

For those who love the look of natural stone, just about all stone varieties that can be found in larger sized tiles are available as mosaics as well. Onyx, travertine, slate, and marble mosaic tile are all excellent choices that can be stunning when installed.

Of course how you clean and maintain your tiles will depend on the specific material they are made out of. Some materials will also need to be sealed.

Mosaic Tile


Colors ,Shapes, And More

Because they come in just about every tile material you can also find mosaics in just about all colors and shades as well. This can help you work with whatever current color scheme you may have or are trying to create. They also come in all the same tile shapes too.

So whether you want something square, rectangular, hexagonal, etc. there are just as many opportunities as with bigger tiles. Some are oddly-shaped and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to form a larger design just like the mosaics made by artists but attached to a mesh backing.

You can find mosaics in all of your favorites tile patterns as well. This can be very helpful for installing layouts that otherwise may would be outside of your skill level. Because they are already laid out and both perfectly spaced and aligned on each mesh square all you have to do is line the squares up and you get results that look like those of a professional installation.

Many patterns also just simply look fantastic when added to your space in miniature size. Consumer favorites are always the running bond, Versailles, and herringbone just to name a few.

Mosaic Tile

Best Areas To Install

Of all the areas where mosaic tiles can be installed they are probably the most well-known for their use on the floor. The fact that they are smaller in size means that they will have more grout lines than larger choices and more grout lines means extra grip.

For this reason they are especially ideal for use on bathroom floors since they can help to provide a non-slip surface even when wet. They can be installed on walls and are also commonly used on tub and shower surrounds.

Mosaics can work wonders on kitchen and bathroom backsplashes for matching existing materials or creating a statement all their own. A glass mosaic tile backsplash for example can be a treat to the eyes with its luminous gem-like appearance.

Mosaic Tile

Countertops are also a great place to use these tiles and since mosaic tile installation is not difficult it can be a chance to save some cash or gain some DIY experience by doing the job on your own. If you prefer individual mosaics tiles your counter might be the right spot for you to express your creativity.

When it comes to adding a focal point that also portrays and extremely luxurious feel a mosaic floor tile medallion can get the job done with ease particularly when made from stones like marble.

These often come in an array of designs and depending on where you purchase one from they can often be customized to your needs. Mosaic tile borders are another option that can be used as a phenomenal looking accent to field tile both on floor and walls.

Mosaic Tile

Going smaller with mosaics can often provide large returns in beauty. And with so many materials, colors, and shapes you’ll easily be able to find something that exceeds your expectations.

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