With the right tile, a shower can help to create a stunning bathroom space. So here are some of the best photos of tiled showers that we’ve collected to get you excited and thinking about the possibilities!

White Vein Cut Marble

As you can see with this gorgeous shower, vein cut marble tiles can really showcase not just the veins but also the different layers of sediment found in the stone. These tiles have a honed finish and offer a constant contrast of  various gray and white shades. The black mosaic floor tile and stone accents on the shower wall add contrast as well.


Glossy Glass Arabesque

These gray glass arabesque mosaic tiles are cut into this complex shape using water jet technology. And the bright white grout used here does a fantastic job of highlighting their exotic shape. It also helps the tiles to standout, that is along with their glossy finish of course.


Jungle Dreams

You don’t see many images of tiled showers that look like this one. In fact you don’t see many showers that look like this period. That is unless you’re at a tropical resort, which is just what this bathroom space makes it feel like.

The white random sized pebble tile used on the shower wall is the perfect natural material to complete the appearance. And the planted palms and bird of paradise plants seal the deal on this tropical dream.


Classic Subways In Stone

Subway tile and marble are both commonly used options for creating classic looking spaces, and this shower uses them together to accomplish just that. Smaller mosaic subway tile made from stone and glass work as an accent while the floor is made up of hexagonal carara marble mosaics.


Vintage Spanish Feature Wall

Tiled showers with glass doors allow you to admire features walls without having to actually be inside. And the view of this shower wall made up of ceramic vintage look tiles is well worth it. These blue and white Spanish-themed tiles are designed to look as if they are from another time period complete with scratches.


Light Green Linear

Photos of tiled bathroom showers such as this are an example of what choosing the right color can do for your space. These light green linear mosaic tiles are a unique and not so often seen color that is very pleasing to the eye. They’re also an excellent example of the jewel-like colors and luminosity that can be had with glass.


Matching Mosaics And Travertine

What a perfect blend in this luxurious stone shower. The square mosaic tiles used on the floor, seat, and niche, are used to break things up a bit visually using shape, color, and size.

And the linear stone and glass mosaic accent tiles do the same. Yet neither distracts you from the gorgeous rectangular travertine tiles used on the wall. In fact they work together to enhance the space as a whole.


Subway Tiles In Brown
These brown glass subway tiles are not a color that’s used in the shower nearly as often as blues, whites, and grays. And as you can see this is a strikingly handsome and rich brown in particular. The grout frames the tiles perfectly and matches the smaller white subway mosaics used on the floor.


Sleek And Modern Gray

These large 12” x 24” rectangular gray porcelain tiles are simple and at the same time sleek. Their shiny polished surface really adds a modern feel to this shower. The tiles are installed in the running bond tile pattern using thin grout lines and dark gray grout instead of the standard white.


Metal Look Porcelain

You most likely haven’t seen any images of tiled showers quite like this one. These copper metal look tiles are striking to say the least. They are modern yet industrial in appearance.

For anyone who’s ever desired the look of a metal surface in a space where the real thing could never work, porcelain makes it an option.


Vertical Running Bond

Unlike most other showers which use the running bond pattern, this shower has it installed vertically. By doing so it adds interest to the walls. And so do the veins of these faux stone tiles made from porcelain.

The random sized glass mosaic tile accent grabs attention while keeping with the gray and white color scheme of the larger tiles and surrounding grout.

With these photos of tiled showers you can be sure to find some ideas you can apply to make your bathroom a stunning success.

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