When it comes to choosing a material for their project many people get stuck on whether they should use ceramic or porcelain tiles. Both materials offer different things. So here’s what you’ll want to know about each before you make a decision.

What’s Your Budget?

Budget can be a big factor for many people who are considering a home upgrade. Ceramic tiles are almost always cheaper which makes them the obvious choice when you don’t have too much to spend. However sometimes with some shopping around you can often find porcelain tiles that are only slightly more expensive, so it can definitely be worth taking time to see what’s available.

Where Are You Planning To Use Them?

Where you will use your tiles can be a factor in which material you should choose. Ceramic tiles have a softer body. This makes them easier to cut and work with.  In general, they are much more suited for use in tub and shower surrounds, on the wall and on backsplashes. They can also work for creating tile counter tops.

Ceramic is also typically chosen for upgrading an area that already has older ceramic tiles installed. This will help make sure that the newer ones blend well. You will want to remember though that damage to ceramic tiles will show easily if the glaze is chipped. That’s because the body of the tile beneath the glaze is white.

Porcelain is harder and more durable. It is can be used anywhere that ceramic can but also in areas that receive heavy foot traffic and use. Floors, fireplace hearths, and even outdoor patios make ideal places to install them. But of course you will need to check the PEI rating of the tiles you are considering to make sure they can be used where you would like to install them.

Color Choices

In the past ceramic tiles were only available in limited colors. Fortunately today that is not the case and there are many more to choose from. Porcelain tiles do come in a wider variety of colors. Since they take dye extremely well it makes it easy for manufacturers to offer them in an almost never-ending array of color options for consumers.

Full body porcelain tiles will actually have dye through the entire body of the tile, which can make chips much harder to see. Textures can also be added to porcelain tiles that help them to mimic the look of materials like natural stone. This makes them not only very versatile but also one of the most convincing faux tile choices.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles have their own benefits. For saving cash and areas that receive light use ceramic is a great choice. However for colors, toughness, and the ability to look like more expensive materials like stone, porcelain would be the way to go.

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