Should you go small or big? This is a question that you’ll most likely ask yourself when planning or at least thinking about your future tile project. So here are the points you’ll want to consider to help you decide whether mosaic tiles or something bigger are better for you.


Whether or not you would like to add some grip is definitely something worth thinking about because it may influence what size tile you choose. Grip can be very important in wet areas like bathroom floors because it can help to prevent accidents. Because mosaics are smaller they automatically have many more grout lines.

These grout lines can give you the grip you need to help prevent slips and falls regardless of what material the tiles are made out of. If you would like to use larger tiles for grip, grout lines are not going to help you. That’s because there are way less of them and they will be much further apart. Instead you will need to choose a material that either has natural grip or is designed to provide it.

Slate tiles along with a few other natural stone options like travertine are an excellent choice for adding grip when you prefer bigger tiles. Both porcelain and concrete tiles too can have a textured grip added to them. And don’t forget rubber tiles, which are popular choice both indoors and out when you need to provide a non-slip surface.



While more grout lines do help to prevent accidents they also provide a lot more places for dust and grime to hide. This is definitely something worth keeping in mind if you’d like to use mosaics on the floor. However as long as you have a cleaning routine that you stick to there’s no reason your tile grout shouldn’t shine.

Alternatively with less grout lines for dust to settle into, bigger sized tiles usually only need a quick sweep to keep them looking like new. Of course regardless of the size you choose, the amount of care and cleaning required will depend on the material the tiles are made of.


The size of the space you are working with can influence your decision. Mosaics can really look fabulous in small to medium size spaces. They add serious interest to floors, feature walls, shower surrounds, and backsplashes.

While large tiles work in all size spaces they are really best for medium to large ones. However because larger tiles tend to make a small room appear bigger they are often used in areas that are limited in size to trick the eye.

These facts will help you to form a much clearer idea of whether you should use mosaic tiles or something bigger for your project. Both have their strong points and taking some time to think about them will pay off in results you can enjoy!

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