Tile Tricks

Dusty floors can take away from the look of your home. While we aren’t encouraging you not to clean them of course, there are a few tricks you can use to cheat a little. Try using one or more of the following ideas to keep your tiles looking cleaner than they really are.

Go Gray

Today consumers have an enormous array of tile colors to pick from. Many people don’t realize it but the color they choose can actually help to hide the dust on their floor. The best color for keeping dirt and debris from being spotted is actually gray.

This is why you will often see gray floor tiles used in areas that get a lot of foot traffic. Staining on gray colored tiles can also be much harder to see as well. Using something gray that also has an uneven surface, such as slate tiles with a natural cleft finish, can make dust and damage even more difficult to detect and also provide grip.

Don’t Call Attention

If you are concerned about dust one of the worst things you can do is call attention to it. While they can be absolutely gorgeous, high-gloss black floor tiles will highlight dirt and grime. You might think their black color would cover them up but the opposite is true. They also will show water spots very clearly too. Unless you will constantly be keeping them clean they are an option you might want to avoid.

Less Grout Lines

The grout in-between tiles is meant to protect the installation from liquids and other things which could cause damage. However, these grout lines can quickly collect debris. Tile grout also happens to be white which makes that debris very easy to see.

By sticking with larger tiles you will have many less grout lines to worry about. Dust will be spread out over the surface of your tiles instead of staying concentrated where everyone can see them.

Keep Grout Dark

A simple trick you can use to make sure your grout lines won’t show off what’s hiding in them for all to see is to keep them dark. You can do this by using colored grout that is gray, brown or black when installing your tiles.

Another choice for those who already have grout in place is to use grout colorant which can be applied to white grout to change its color. Having dark grout can be particularly helpful if you have mosaic floor tiles installed since they have so many grout lines.

These tricks can really make a difference in how your tile floors look. So be sure to use them to your advantage and as soon as possible.

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