Advantages Of Marble Tiles

Marble is one of the most famous types of natural stone in the world. However, you’ll want to know the advantages of marble tiles before you start a project with them. So here are the top benefits of this worldwide favorite.

The Look And Diversity Of Natural Stone

Marble is truly one of the best examples of the beauty and variety that natural stone can offer. You can see this in the huge array of gorgeous color choices that are available. Many of these colors actually come from different regions around the globe.

Each marble tile will have its own one-of-a-kind markings. In addition to this natural variation, marble is also known for its veins. These veins offer a truly eye-catching display as they creating totally unique patterns created by Mother Nature.


Another natural feature of marble tiles which can really add to their visual appeal is their translucence. Because light can enter into the body of the tile, it can create a slight glow.

The luminous appearance of marble is one of the reasons it has been so popular for creating sculptures as well. For those who like this onyx tile is another alternative. Because of its veining and translucence it’s very often mistaken for marble.

Advantages Of Marble Tiles


Luxurious Looks

Of all the advantages of marble tiles, probably the most well-known is their extravagant appearance. For this reason they have been used as a way to show status and wealth throughout the ages.

And of course today you will find them in some of the most exclusive homes and businesses worldwide. The sleek look of polished marble tiles in particular is often preferred in these installations.

That’s because this glossy finish not only creates a lavish look but also helps to highlight the natural beauty, colors, markings, and veins of this material that that they really stand out.

Wide Range Of Uses

The durability of marble means that tiles can be used for many different applications. For example they are commonly used on walls and are very popular for backsplashes. Their toughness and heat resistance means they can be used as fireplace tiles on both the surround and the hearth.

And marble floor tiles can be installed in areas that receive high levels of foot traffic. Tiles can also be used on countertops as a cost effective alternative to a marble slab. However care will needed to protect a marble tile countertop from scratches and acidic substances. This is of particular importance in the kitchen.

Advantages Of Marble Tiles


Array Of Shapes And Sizes

Due to the popularity of marble and advancements in cutting technology, nowadays it’s easy to find tiles in just about any size or shape to meet the needs of your project.

Square, rectangular, hexagonal, round, along with more unusual shapes such as arabesque among others, are all easy to find options. And whether you prefer large format tiles, something small, or in-between, there is a lot to choose from.

Mosaic marble tiles especially offer a wide range of choices. And many even come in pre-configured tile patterns making it simple to install and enjoy the benefits of this versatile natural stone.

The many advantages of marble tiles make them an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Whether for a home or business, this natural stone option is one that always makes a big impression.

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