There are quite a few different problems you can run into when you have a tile installation in your home. A handful of them are much more common than others. So here are some of the ones you are the most likely to experience if you have any problems at all.

Chipped Tiles

Accidents happen they’re just part of life, and chipped tiles are often the result. Chips typically occur when things fall onto tile floors or are accidentally banged into walls. Luckily they are usually one of the cheapest and easiest problems to fix.

With a can of touch up paint you can make them look just like new. There are paints made specifically for this job and many are designed for tiles of specific materials like ceramic, porcelain, and stone.

Broken Tiles

Sometimes when heavy items fall on the floor they don’t cause chips but instead crack or break tiles. If you’re lucky this might just be one, but sometimes it ends up being multiple tiles. All cracked or broken tiles will need to be removed and replaced.

As simple as that may seem you will want to have the proper safety equipment because broken tiles can be razor sharp. The surrounding grout will need to be removed and you may need to use a chisel to further break the tile up into smaller pieces to take it out.

Cracked Expansion Joints

Another very common tile problem is cracked expansion joints. Expansion joints are where the tile meets another surface. These joints need to be filled with a flexible material like caulk so that they can deal with both the natural expansion and contraction of the different materials.

When they are filled with something like hard tile grout instead, they eventually crack. All of the tile grout should be removed entirely, not just where it is cracked, and replaced with the appropriate caulk or sealant instead.

Water Stains

When you have water stains on your tiles, it is red flag that there are problems. Usually this happens in the bathroom. The cause is sometimes that the expansion joints have not been filled in with caulk or sealant. This is an easy fix.

Another possible reason could be that a waterproofing membrane was not installed underneath. If it wasn’t, the tiles will have to be removed and a membrane will need to be added. Sometimes other things can cause staining too though, such as plumbing. A leaking water supply line might be the culprit or it could be a leaking drain line. If it’s either of these it can be fixed by a qualified plumber.

Some of these tile problems are easier to fix than others. And while most can be repaired by anyone with a little or no DIY experienced, if you feel something is out of your skill set be sure to contact a professional for help or at least some advice.

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