Tile Tricks

Sometimes in life the little things can make a big difference. And when it comes to tile, this is true too. There are some small tricks you can use for huge results and even savings as well. Here are four of the simplest that happen to work incredibly well.

Materials Can Fool The Eye

There’s no doubt about it there are certain tile materials that always seem to standout for their beauty. Glass and many types of natural stone are excellent examples. However these materials do tend to cost more than others and may not always be suitable for the area you’d like to use them. You don’t always have to buy the real thing.

Faux tile options can be more versatile, cost less to purchase, and easier to maintain. While they might not look exactly the same they can be so similar that most people won’t know. Porcelain and concrete tiles can be particularly convincing but also highly durable at the same time. There are also choices like tile stickers which are very inexpensive and while they aren’t real tiles by any means, can look like them.

Use Size To Your Advantage

Certain areas of the home where you may want to add tile do tend to be smaller in size. Hallways, entryways, and bathrooms are often prime examples. But of course you may end up with limited space in kitchens or any other room of the house for that matter.

While you can’t usually physically make your space bigger, you can fool the eye to make it seem like it is. This is easy to do by installing large tiles. Larger tiles make small room appear bigger and by using this to your advantage you can help make your tiny space look much more appealing with no extra effort.

Layouts Can Be Deceiving

There are many gorgeous tile patterns you can use to add to the beauty of your home. These can range from simple to pretty complex. A few layouts can actually be used both for their looks and at the same time help you in other ways. Two excellent examples are the running bond and the diagonal.

The running bond is well-known for its brick-like appearance which is a favorite for use on the backsplash. Most people don’t realize though that it can be used to help hide crooked walls and uneven surfaces by taking the focus off of them. The diagonal pattern on the other hand, just like big tiles, can help to make a smaller space look bigger.

Colors Hide Dirty Secrets

We all have certain areas of the home which tend to attract more dirt and dust than others. The tile color you pick can definitely help you to make sure that they are harder to see. Of course there is no substitute for a good cleaning, but there is also no reason to have your dirt and dust on display for all to see. Stick with a color like gray and you can’t go wrong, it will help to make sure that the majority of the grime stays hidden from view.

Any one of these tile tricks can help you bring your space to the next level. You may even want to think about combining some of them to get the maximum benefit from your tile installation.

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