Floor Tile Colors

There are a huge number of colors to pick from when planning your tile floor. A handful of them however always seem to be the most popular year after year. So here are the top five colors you’ll want to consider.


Some areas of the home are naturally dim such as hallways and bathrooms that have little light. By adding white floor tiles you will be making sure they always look bright. White is also great for creating a clean look in your home.

You may also want to use it on your floors to create contrast with the darker colors  you have on your walls. There are many materials which come in white so you really do have a lot to choose from if this is your color preference.

Floor Tile Colors



Black is another color that can be used with great success on the floor. It is commonly used to contrast other lighter colors such as white for an eye-catching result. Black floor tiles can help to create styles that range from classic all the way to extremely modern.

When shopping for tiles be sure to check out natural stone choices as many can be stunning in black. Just remember that even though they are dark in color, if you choose tiles with a polished finish they will show dirt and dust very easily.

Floor Tile Colors



Red floor tiles can help you to create a cozy southwestern or Spanish feel. Saltillo tile made from natural clay is normally used for this job. While Saltillos are usually a reddish-brown there are many much bolder shades to choose from made from other materials. Brighter reds in particular can really make an impact on any space. Using red floor tiles with bright white grout can be very attractive as well.

Floor Tile Colors



Ranging from light to dark, grey is a smart choice for floor use.  It is actually one of the best colors for hiding dust. So if you want something that has the looks but without constant maintenance grey floor tiles could be right for you.

Grey is also considered a neutral color so it will be sure to match any color scheme you may have in your home already. Marble tiles are a common choice for those looking for something grey that is also very luxurious. Cement tiles are an increasingly popular option as well which can even be made at home with a mold.

Floor Tile Colors



Since blue reminds of us water it is a natural choice for bathroom floors. Regardless of what shade you choose you may want to think about using mosaic tiles since because they offer excellent grip even when the floor may be wet and slippery.

Slate can work for grip too and is one of the only natural stones that is available in a bluish hue. Don’t overlook the kitchen for using blue floor tiles either since this is another room of the house where they are used very often and with gorgeous results.

Floor Tile Colors

All five of these colors are famous for their ability to improve the looks of floors around the world. Of course you will want to take your time when choosing your tile color and make sure the one you pick works with your space and what you are trying to achieve.

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