Non Slip Tiles

Hard surfaces can be quite dangerous especially when they’re wet. To help prevent injuries you will want to add a tile which has grip. There are quite a few choices to pick from but the following are considered to be the best of the best.

Plastic That’s Designed For The Job

When you need a serious amount of grip even in the wettest conditions, plastic interlocking outdoor tiles are often an easy solution. These come in a variety of textures which are specifically designed to give you as much grip as possible. They are perforated so that water will drain right through them instead of resting on top.

The fact that they interlock means you can install them on your own and without any tools or adhesive. Normally they are used outside and placed right on top of decks and patios. They are sometimes installed indoors though as flooring for showers. There is actually also an even stronger type known as garage tiles which have all the same features but are tough enough to park your car on.

Non Slip Tiles


Rubber For Extra Safety

In certain situations you may require flooring that not only is slip-resistant but at the same time soft. Rubber tiles will give you both. For this reason they are the first choice for those who workout. They can be used in home gyms or just about anywhere you workout to give you the grip you need to exercise safely.

And while they do help to prevent accidents they are made to be soft enough that if you were to fall you wouldn’t be hurt. Of course they protect your floors from damage too. You won’t have to worry about scratches or cracked flooring from dropped weights. Some rubber options can be used outdoors as well and usually will be designed to let water pass through them.

Non Slip Tiles


Go Natural With Slate

Some types of natural stone can offer a non-slip grip. Slate in particular is an excellent choice for this job. It is also water resistant so slate tiles can work even in wet conditions. This is why you will see them used in bathrooms, around swimming pools, and on patios.

They work so well that they are also a common choice for outdoor steps. You may want to choose tiles that have a naturally uneven surface texture which can help to add even more grip. This type of texture will also help to add a rustic appearance to your installation as well.

Montauk 12'' x 12'' Slate Field Tile in Black/Gray


Mosaic Tiles: Small Yet Effective

Unlike the other options on this list, mosaic tiles offer grip from their grout lines. Mosaics are tiny tiles that are usually attached to a mesh backing. Their smaller size means that when they are installed their grout lines are much closer together.

These grout lines can be a really big help on indoor floors. Mosaic tiles are an especially popular way to go for bathroom floors where they. Since they come in a wide array of materials, by choosing one that has anti-slip properties like slate you can give them extra grip.

All of these tile choices can help you to keep your floors as safe as possible. Which one you choose will depend on your needs and preferences.

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