Thinking about installing hard wood floors? Think again! Often referred to as wood look tile, tile that looks like wood, or simply wood tile, no matter what you call it, wood flooring just can’t compete. And here are our top five reasons why:

Tile that looks like wood doesn’t scratch like wood!

Many hardwood floor owners love their real wood, until they have to start fixing the scratches. Moving the furniture, a guest wearing high heels, dogs and cats, all are expensive repairs just waiting to happen.

And, in a busy house these are daily occurrences. Made from durable ceramic or porcelain, scratches are not an issue. They are both extremely scratch resistant!

No water damage!

When wood gets wet it swells. Swelling leads to cracking, and cracking leads to repairs. Not so with wood tiles, no swelling and no fungus either. There’s a reason almost everyone in the world uses tile in their bathroom, and that’s because it’s water resistant.

Wood look tile is no exception, just because it looks like wood, doesn’t mean it’s not waterproof. Unlike wood floors accidents from pets, spilled liquids, or leaky pipes, are a non issue.


You can use it anywhere!

The fact that it’s resistant to water , makes wood tile great for places you always wanted to use real would but couldn’t. Bathroom floors and backsplashes, even around swimming pools. Anywhere you want the warm look of wood is now an option. Nowhere is off limits with these tiles.

Wood tiles look like the real thing!

You would be hard pressed to find someone who could tell the difference between your porcelain or ceramic wood tiles and real wood. Wood tile comes in a huge variety of colors, shades, and even textures all of which mimic that of real wood.

These are all done in high definition, making them look exactly like real wood. The faces of wood tile can be so detailed and varied that you can tile a whole room without repeating a pattern.


The look of real wood without the price tag!

Purchasing, installing, and maintaining hardwood floors can be extremely expensive. Tile that looks like wood is not. Starting at only a few dollars per square foot, wood tile is much cheaper option. Leaving you with more of your cash and the same beauty of real wood!

As you’ve just discovered, tile that looks like wood is actually a much better idea and investment than real wood. Scratch-proof, waterproof, versatile, authentic-looking, and cheap, you can’t go wrong. If you love the look of wood but none of the problems it comes with, check out wood tiles and save yourself not only a hassle, but your hard-earned cash as well.

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