What Are Floor Tiles Made Of

Unlike tiles used on the wall, floor tiles need to be tough. They have to be durable enough to deal with foot traffic, support heavy amounts of weight, and resist breaking when things fall on them. So what are floor tiles made of? Here are the most common material options.


Floor tiles made of ceramic are considered one of the most versatile flooring options. They come in an enormous range of colors, designs, and sizes. Compared to other tile choices ceramic options are also some of the most budget-friendly.

Ceramic floor tiles are durable and can generally handle heavy foot traffic. And they can be used in areas where there’s a lot of moisture such as in bathrooms and kitchens.


Porcelain is another material that’s known for its diverse range of colors and options. Floor tiles made of porcelain are stronger and denser than those made from ceramic.

Their high water resistance and ability to be pressed with a textured grip makes them a favorite for floors in wet spaces. Porcelain floor tiles can even be used outdoors and won’t stain or mildew.

Natural Stone

Some of the most elegant floors around the world are those which use floor tiles made of stone. Popular stone choices include marble, granite, travertine, and onyx tile but there are many others as well.

Natural stone is often used for its strength and high-end appearance. However each type of stone is different and may be best-suited for specific flooring situations. Stone tiles will also require special care and maintenance.


For creating softer flooring surfaces than traditional tile options, vinyl tiles are often used. Vinyl is easy to clean and needs minimal care. It can also be made to look similar in appearance to other materials such as natural stone.

Floor tiles made of vinyl are easy to install and are therefore a popular choice for those who like DIY jobs. Because they typically cost less than most other tile materials they are ideal for anyone on a strict budget.

Other Material Options

There are quite a few other options for floors as well. Concrete tiles are very strong and can be finished to look just like stone. Wooden options known as deck tiles, are interlocking and can be installed without any adhesive right over flat surfaces.

Floor tiles made of plastic are generally used in areas where drainage is a priority. There are also foam and rubber tiles that are installed for maximum safety. And for a carpeted surface with sections that can be removed and replaced carpet tiles are a popular choice.

As you can see there are floor tiles made of many different materials. So when deciding which one to use, you’ll definitely want to take the time to do some research and look at examples.

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