What Does Tile Do

Tile is one of the most common building materials around the world. For this reason you’re likely to see it just about everywhere. But exactly what does tile do? Here are some of the most popular uses.

Add Beauty

When you’d like to upgrade a room or surface with a fresh look, tile is an ideal option. It comes in an enormous array of materials which may be natural or man-made.

And each material comes in a range of colors which you can use to bring attention to a certain space or simply match an existing color scheme.

Tile can also be used to add a burst of color and interest to a dull looking room that need it. There are various sizes, shapes, and tile patterns you can use as well to help make any space as attractive as possible.

Protect What’s Underneath

One of the main jobs of tile is to function as a protective floor or wall covering. It keeps sub-floors and walls from being damaged particularly from water. This is why you’ll see tile used so often in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The heat resistance of certain tile materials also allows them to be used on fireplaces as well. Fireplace tile not just adds to the appearance of a room but surrounds the fireplace with a fire-proof barrier which protects from accidental fires and damage too.

Increase Function

Another thing that tile does is to make spaces more functional. Once it’s installed it allows you to use and enjoy surfaces in ways you were not able to do so before.

Tile is often used to make walls, countertops, and floors easier to clean and maintain.

It can also help to make spaces more durable and visually appealing. There are even non-slip tiles which can help to prevent accidents both indoors and out. Some tiles can even provide a soft surface to make floor spaces safer if slips and falls do happen.

Add Value

Because installing tile in a space can add beauty, protection, and make it more functional it also can make it more valuable. This often means that a tile installation can turn out to be a helpful investment if you decide to sell your property in the future.

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