What Is Noce Travertine

“What is noche travertine?” This is a common question many people ask when shopping for travertine tiles. So here’s what you’ll want to know.

About Travertine

Travertine is one of the most famous types of natural stone. And tiles made from it are often used for their highly elegant yet rustic appearance along with their durability. One of the most famous traits of travertine are the small holes in its surface.

Travertine tiles come in a range of colors. Typically the options are cream, gold, brown, and gray. However they can even be rose-colored as well. Each of the travertine colors come in many different shades.

So What’s Noce?  

Noce travertine tile is a type of brown travertine which is very popular. It can range from a light yellowish or golden brown to a dark coffee-colored brown.

Other types and colors of travertine are quarried in such countries as Italy, Iran, and Mexico. In contrast noce travertine tiles are normally quarried in Turkey.

Noce Travertine Options And Uses

Like other types of travertine, you’ll find it in numerous finishes. For example honed, brushed, polished, and tumbled noce travertine tile are all options. It can also be cross-cut or vein-cut and come with different types of edges.

Noce is often used in kitchen and bathrooms on both walls and floors but also as fireplace tile. It can also be used outside as cladding on walls. Noce travertine floor tile is also very popular for patios and pool surrounds.

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