What To Do With Old Tile

It’s very common to end up with excess tile after a project is finished. That’s because when purchasing, it’s standard procedure to buy more than you need. This helps to make up for any tiles which are broken during shipping or installation. Therefore it’s likely at some point you’ll be wondering what to do with old tile.

Hang On To It

If your old tiles are extras from a wall or floor project which is still currently installed in your home or business, you’ll most likely want to hold on to them or at least a portion of them. By doing so you will always have replacement tiles on hand if your installation is damaged.

It’s always a good idea to keep a bit more of your old tiles than you think you’ll need. That’s because even when removing and replacing single tiles, there’s always the chance of damaging the surrounding tiles in the process.

And having a few extra matching tiles is always a better than not having enough. Plus you never know when something like flooding could cause damage to a large portion of your installation.

Re-purpose It For Creative projects

One of most popular things to do with old tile is to simply re-use it. And there are many fun and creative ways to do so. For example you can install tiles on a tabletop to give it an eye-catching new look that’s also is highly durable.

Broken tiles can be used to create mosaic patterns and images on a range of surfaces and objects. With a pair of tile nippers you can safely cut small pieces in various shapes from your tiles to help create mosaic designs.

You may want to think about using tiles as trivets or even as serving trays for food. Old tile made from natural stone is often used for these jobs. Many people use slate tiles for serving food in particular because of their rustic look, heat resistance, and ability to stay cold.

Outdoors, individual tiles of various materials can also make interesting, colorful, and stable bases for potted plants or garden statues. And don’t overlook using your old tile to create a new stepping stone path.

Give It Away

Let’s face it a wall or flooring upgrade is not always in everyone’s budget. You may have friends, family, or neighbors who would be grateful to take your old tile and use it to improve their space.

It can help them to save some cash on materials and puts your tile to good use. There may also be organizations or programs in your area which help the needy with building projects, which would also be happy to accept your old tile as well.

Recycle It

In many towns and cities you can recycle your old tile. This is of course the most environmentally friendly option if you won’t be re-using it.

You will want to contact your local recycling center first however, to find out whether if they accept tile and if there are any restrictions.

But don’t forget tile so you may want to recruit a few friends to help. And make sure you wear heavy protective gloves since it can also be razor sharp.

Use It For Practice

If you enjoy DIY tile projects, you’ll eventually need your own tile cutting tools, especially for larger jobs. So when you invest in a pair of nippers, snap tile cutter or wet tile saw, you’ll need to practice with them before using them to cut tile for your actual project.

Using old tile for that practice can be the best way to get the experience you need for both basic and more complex cuts. And that means less mistakes when it counts.

Now that you know what to do with old tile there’s no excuse not to put it to good use. Whether you choose to build your skills, get creative, make someone else’s day, or save it as insurance for future repairs is up to you.

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