Why Is Subway Tile So Popular

Subway tile is simply a type of rectangular tile. However, not only is it highly sought after but also incredibly well-known. So just why is subway tile so popular? Well, here are some of the top reasons:

Creates Classic Spaces

Subway tile was used in underground train stations in the early nineteen hundreds, which is where it gets its name from. Its brick-like appearance helps to create vintage style walls, floors, and backsplashes that are extremely appealing to the eye.

After installing subway tile you’ll typically only need to add a few classic style fixtures in order to transform your space into one that looks like it’s right out the early nineteen hundreds. Although there are more modern looking choices as well if something classic doesn’t’ work for you.

It’s Timeless

Many styles tend to look out of place as the years go by and some much more quickly than others. One of the advantages that help to make subway tile so popular is that its classic appearance never looks dated or out of style.

In fact it’s considered a timeless choice. So once you’ve used it for your upgrade, unlike more fleeting looks you won’t have to do any updating regardless of how times and styles change. It will be just as relevant and chic in the future as it is today, with the right care of course.

Excellent For Moist Spaces

Subway tile is rectangular in shape. This gives it a large surface area that can be used to protect walls and floors from water. It’s also typically installed with very thin grout lines between each individual tile. In fact they are often pencil-thin.

And that means there’s less space than with other options where water could potentially get in. So showers along with bathroom and kitchen backsplashes are ideal spaces to use this classic choice.

Easy To Clean

The thin grout lines used with this tile mean there’s less spaces for gunk and grime to get trapped. And their substantial body size makes them easy to wipe clean with minimal effort. This is one of the reasons a subway tile backsplash is a particular favorite in kitchens around the world.

Helps Brighten Up Dim Areas

Subway tile tends to reflect more light than tile of other shapes. This can help to brighten up spaces that don’t get enough light. Specifically using white ceramic or porcelain subway tile is can be a big help. And glass tile, in most colors, can help enhance how bright a space appears to be as well.

It’s having benefits like these that makes subway tile so popular for so many different applications. With a bit of time and planning you can easily use this option to dramatically improve the look of your space.

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